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Joining the guild Empty Joining the guild

Post  Ruri on Wed Oct 13, 2010 4:20 pm

All right, so I made the guild using Psy's account, but the guild system is a little weird. I think it's just a delay or something, but it's not letting me manually add people.

Instead, you have to look up "Eternity Knights" and request to join. Then, I have to approve of you. I'll check Psy's account every now and then to approve people, but keep in mind that there might be a limit and you may not have priority. Also, I'm not going to be on Psy's account for hours on end, so if you end up waiting for a long time without being accepted, I'm sorry.

Update: Have a couple admins, so you should be accepted relatively quick. Refer to xPsy, Cardinal, Jinouga, or Ruri.

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