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Post  Ruri on Sun Sep 19, 2010 2:58 am

Well, I figured I'd start a thread to post all of my screen shots so far. Feel free to post your own if you'd like if you think it's cool or something interesting. Anyway, here we go. I'll add captions to the pictures so you know what I'm thinking Very Happy

Random Screenies 2010_09_16_0006

"Hyah! My first finishing amaranth kick! It feels so good!"

Random Screenies 2010_09_16_0017

"Heh. Looking cool with my chain hook. I'm so pro at this!"

Random Screenies 2010_09_17_0001

"Wow, Jager's got a pretty mean look on his face. What's he angry about?"

Random Screenies 2010_09_18_0000

"Hmm... what should I do next?"

Random Screenies 2010_09_18_0037

"There's something wrong with this chain...."

Random Screenies 2010_09_18_0028

"Oh! There's a camera! Pose!"

Random Screenies 2010_09_18_0019

"Finishing a boss with ivy sweep always looks stylish!"

Random Screenies 2010_09_18_0015

"Take it! Yeah, that's right, I just soloed you!"

Random Screenies 2010_09_18_0013

"The bear has gone through so much abuse..."

Random Screenies 2010_09_18_0008

"In any case, he's still a rabid beast. Kill him."

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Post  Jager Bombz on Sun Sep 19, 2010 9:13 am

haha im in alot of these Razz
Jager Bombz
Jager Bombz
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Post  Psy on Sun Sep 19, 2010 2:24 pm

Whoa Ruri, these are some awesome screenshots O_O I'm gonna try and add some of my own Wink


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