Vindictus- The War for Erinn [RP]

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Vindictus- The War for Erinn [RP]

Post  Psy on Sun Nov 07, 2010 9:14 am

The sky was a bright blue, clouds floating by carelessly. A few citizens gossiped happily to each other as they went about their day. All was well in Colhen without a doubt. Versailles lazily looked up at the clouds as he lied on the ground against a tree. He admired the clouds freedom and wished he could float on a cloud forever. Garbed in the cloak of a mercenary, he was easily identified as one of the Crimson Blades. Sudden sounds of grass crunching under someones foot coming towards him caused him to pull down his hood to see around him. A man in the same garb as him approached him.

"I thought I'd find you here lazing around... You know, we just received a report that some of the fomors have established a base in the Ruins. I want you to investigate right now."

Versailles looked at the man who was standing before him and sighed.

"You know Aodhan, you have the worst way of ruining my relaxation time.."

Aodhan glared at him with a serious look.

"While your relaxing, the Fomors could attack this town at any second! I don't think you or any of us would want that now would we?"

"Alright alright, I'll check into it right away! You don't have to be so angry Captain.."

Aodhan's face relaxed a little.

"Thats good to hear. Be sure to report back immediately when you return. I''m counting on you Versailles."

Aodhan turned around and headed back to the Outpost. Versailles glanced at his swords that were laying on the ground beside him.

"Well, I guess break time is over..."


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Re: Vindictus- The War for Erinn [RP]

Post  Ruri on Tue Nov 09, 2010 4:37 pm

"And don't forget the spices!"

"All right, all right, I won't! I'm going now."

A young woman dressed in light cloth garments with the symbol of the Royal Army printed on her sleeve stepped out of the Mercenary Outpost with a sigh. She swept her fingers through her long, black hair partly tied up in a ponytail and looked back at the outpost. The owner of the shouts, Gwynn, was a very taxing and strict woman. The small group that had traveled from Rocheste had settled in the outpost as their base of operations and Ruri was tasked to acquire the necessities for a future investigation into the ruins. It is said that fomors have made a home out of the ruins and to confirm this, preparations had to be made. Unfamiliar with the town, she wandered for a few minutes looking at signs for guidance as she passed by wild farm animals, dogs, and a pig hanging out of its pen. Finally, a building marked "General Store" appeared before her and she entered.

"Welcome. Come on in. You're new in town, aren't you?"

"Yes, I am. I'm part of the small group that was dispatched from the Royal Army and I'm here to purchase some goods to travel with."

"All right then. You can call me Fenella! What would you like?"

"Set me up with whatever you serve to the mercenaries around here. Size it up for 3 people. Oh and I'll also take a couple pouches of spices."

After listening to her order, Fenella proceeded to pack dried goods and other essentials that were standard for mercenaries at the time. A few minutes later, she finished the packaging and she presented a rather large bag to Ruri.

"Be careful with this, okay? It's quite heavy. I'm not sure if a slender lady like you could handle it."

"I think I'll be fin-.... WAH!"

The weight proved to be more than Ruri had predicted and she nearly dropped the package. Frustrated with her slim figure, she struggled with the goods and slowly made her way out of the store and towards the outpost. On her way there, she heard a harsh tone in the distance. To her ears, it sounded like an experienced veteran scolding a lower rank.

"While you're relaxing, the fomors could attack this town at any second! I don't think you or any of us would want that now would we?"

Ruri came around the corner and noticed the owner of the voice, Aodhan. She had met him when she initially arrived in Colhen with the rest of the group. He seemed to be quite a stern man and not easily befriended. However, Ruri was sure that no one could be as nasty as Gwynn. Aodhan finished speaking with the mercenary and left in the direction of the outpost. Slightly curious as to what could have stirred such an attitude from Aodhan, she approached the mercenary.

"Hey there. I could hear your voices from a mile away. Did something happen with your captain?"

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Re: Vindictus- The War for Erinn [RP]

Post  STOMPKINS on Tue Nov 09, 2010 5:12 pm

"I know you can make a uzi out of iron"

"What is this uzi you speak of"

"Where's the phone and why are you dressed up like the Renaissance"

"What are you talking about, you are one strange man"

The man at the forge looked like he was 19, but dressed in a weird cloth he called cotton, and he kept asking about a telephone whatever that was. He seemed very stupid mumbling about the village were he was from called New York and something about the future. I had never heard of New York, ive only heard of rocheste and Cohlen, i didnt even know there were any more villages in this pitiful world.

"You look like you could be a good Merc" said Gallager

"whats a merc, are you talking about the game Black Ops"

"You are one weird man, what is black ops is that your army in "New York" responded Gallager
"whats a merc" questioned the strange man

"mercanary, your gonna be the new recruit your gonna go with Versailles to the ruins tommarow"

"Why would i, STOMPKINS, go to ruins it seems like im already here"

STOMPKINS was thinking about what happened 2 days ago when he was shocked by lightning in the middle of times square and now hes here in Cohlen as the town folk call it. Wait a minute thought STOMPKINS, maybe..... I time traveled to the past and this guy wants me to be in their army. holy balls.

"Thats good to hear. Be sure to report back immediately when you return. I''m counting on you Versailles." said aodhan

"Wait what about me aodhan"

"almost forgot, Versailles the new recruits coming with you"

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Re: Vindictus- The War for Erinn [RP]

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